It’s that time of year again when we need to put together our financial history from 2015. 

Below is a partial list of what documentation you will need to have to be prepared to do your tax return.  I say “a partial list” because depending upon who you are and how involved your life is, will determine all the documentation you will need for your tax return.  Returns can be extremely complicated and I always recommend that you employ a CPA or a tax preparer to do your tax returns.

  • The 1st thing we will need is our W2 forms.  This will show our salaries and earnings in 2015.  Employers have until February 2 to send out the W2 forms.
  • If you received more than $10 in taxable income from dividends, interest or proceeds from share sales, you will receive a 1099 form.  LPL Financial will mail these forms in staggered mailings beginning February 1st.   If your accounts have mortgage – backed income, then those 1099’s will be mailed out by March 15th
  • If you took a distribution from your IRA account in 2015, you will receive a 1099R form. 
  • The 1099B form will show Gains and Losses you may have had in your accounts in 2015.  This form will also be needed when you do your taxes because Long-Term and Short-Term gains and losses are taxed at different rates. 
  • If you made charitable donations in the year, be sure to maintain the receipt for those gifts. 
  • If you own property, your property tax is deductible as is any home mortgage interest you may have paid. Student loan interest is also deductible.
  • If you itemize deductions and you had medical and dental out of pocket expenses that exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income or 7.5% if you or your spouse is 65 or older, you may be able to deduct these expenses, so gather these receipts.
  • If you itemize your deductions your CPA can advise you on any gambling losses, union/club expenses, moving expenses, alimony paid, casualty, disaster and theft losses and much more.


Connie Courtney is a registered representative with, and securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through Sun Group Wealth Partners, a registered investment advisor and a separate entity from LPL Financial